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Best Grills Under 300

Grills come in different shapes and sizes, some grills run on different fuels, some have long stands and some convert to a tabletop. But with such a variety; Will the grills be available under the set budget? This question always jolts my mind whenever I go out to buy something because the world is progressing every single day, and it is hard to maintain a budget, right? So, while I was on a hunt for a new grill I wanted a grill that had all the features and the grill that would take up less space. Hence, I searched for the best grills under 300 and I stumbled upon such grills that had remarkable features. 

Therefore, I thought I should compile a list that will help others too those who want to have some outdoor fun with friends and family or even have an indoor barbecue party. Therefore, the following 10 best grills that I came across fit my budget and have all the features that one can dream of. Have a look!

Best Grills Under 300

Product Cooking surface Cooking grate
Weber Original Kettle, Black363 square inchesPlated steelView on Amazon
Cuisinart CCG190RB Portable, Red,150 square inchesChrome-platedView on Amazon
Weber 51010001 Q1200, Black189 square inchesCast-ironView on Amazon
Blackstone Table Top Grill260 square inchesFlat topView on Amazon

1.Weber Original Kettle, Black

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill,...
  • Holds up to 13 burgers made with a Weber...
  • One-Touch cleaning system with...
  • Porcelain-enameled lid and bowl retain...
  • Use the lid hook to avoid placing the...
  • Cooking grate is hinged for easily...
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Strong wheels provide safe portability
  • Hinged lid for safe grilling
  • Dampers help in temperature control
  • Safe handles due to heat shield
  • Hooks for organizing your tools
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Charcoal bucket is a bit tricky to handle
  • Assembly maybe difficult for some
  • Combustion by-products can be harmful to health

Weber 14402001 is a charcoal grill that has upgraded features, such as a hinged cooking grate for easily adding charcoal while grilling delicious meat. The One-Touch cleaning system enables you to clean the grill pretty easily. 

Construction: Weber premium charcoal grill has a heavy gauge steel grate, a porcelain-enameled lid and bowl to retain heat. It also has a built-in lid thermometer to let you know the temperature while cooking. Plus it has handles on the side and on the lid as well, the handles that are on the side have hooks for hanging the grilling tools.

Function: Weber Charcoal grill has a large cooking surface of 363 square inches that has the capacity to cook 13 burgers and is equipped with a weber burger press too. It is energy efficient as it provides a good amount of heat once it is covered. You can also use wood chunks to burn over the coals. When you place the lid over the grill it will provide uniform heat to cook otherwise if you uncover it, it will lose a lot of heat and won’t be able to cook the meat evenly. Plus, the handle on the lid does not get too hot due to heat shields. 

The hooks on the side handle gives you easy access to the grilling tools as they help you in keeping everything in an organized manner while you grill. There are dampers on the grill to  provide the ease of extinguishing the coals when you close them. You can also control the temperature by adjusting the dampers without lifting the lid. Moreover, the cooking grate of the grill is hinged to easily add charcoal while grilling. The lid has a hook so that you can place it on the ground while grilling if you want. For safe transportation there are durable wheels to move around the grill and you can easily store it anywhere you like.

Cleaning and maintenance: The grill’s One-touch cleaning system enables you to clean the grill easily and get rid of the ash too with the high capacity ash catcher. Due to the grill’s durability it will not rust or peel for a long time to come. 

Specs Recap
  • Porcelain-enameled lid
  • Built-in lid thermometer
  • One-touch cleaning system
  • Withstands high temperature
  • Portable wheels
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2.Cuisinart CCG190RB Portable, Red,

Cuisinart CCG190RB Portable Charcoal Grill,...
  • DUAL VENTING SYSTEM: Features a Dual...
  • THREE SECURE LID LOCKS: The grill...
  • Grate is chrome-plated
  • Sufficient cooking space
  • Dual venting system
  • Ashes conveniently collected by ash catcher
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use, store and clean
  • Weaker clamps on the sides

This grill is an economic pick for a small family. It is lightweight, easy to transport and store. So, you can relish the exotic flavors with your family and friends anywhere you like.

Construction: Cuisinart CCG-190RB Portable Charcoal Grill consists of a chrome-plated cooking grate, dual venting system, and three lid locks. You also get an enamel firebox to collect ash. Plus, there is a handle on the lid so you lift it to check the delicious meat cooking underneath it.

Function: Cuisinart Portable Charcoal grill has the capacity to cook a sufficient amount of food at a time as the cooking surface is 150 square inches. It is energy efficient as you need only 10-15 briquettes or medium-sized pieces of charcoal for making 2 burgers. Plus it has spacious space that lets you cook 4 to 6 burgers at a time. For a different smoky flavor, you can also use wood along with charcoal. The grill provides uniform heat to the whole cooking surface area. Its dual venting system helps to control the temperature by allowing you to manage the amount of coal you need to use.

Moreover, it is the perfect equipment for you if you want to go camping or tailgating, arrange outdoor events even in patios and balconies, etc. It can easily be stored due to its lightweight and small size. You can also transport and store it easily due to the three-lock system that packs it properly without the danger of slipping.

Cleaning and maintenance: An enamel-coated firebox and ash catcher make it easy to clean. Plus, if the food residue gets stuck on the cooking grate make sure to clean it when it’s warm because that keeps the grill durable for a longer time period.

Specs Recap
  • Chrome-plated grate
  • Dual venting system
  • Three fixed lid locks
  • Enamel coated firebox
  • Mess-free ash catcher
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3.Weber 51010001 Q1200, Black

Weber 51010001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill,...
  • One stainless steel burner produces 8500...
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking...
  • Dimensions - lid closed and tables out...
  • Easy-start electronic ignition and...
  • Care instructions: Handling the brass...
  • Sleek stylish design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Portable
  • Safe start with electronic ignition
  • Regulator for safe operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy temperature monitoring
  • Easy to clean
  • Can get hot even on low settings
  • Exposure to lead can affect health

This grill is equipped with a variety of features that can make you feel comfortable while cooking a large variety of food whether steaks, burgers, lamb chops or hotdogs. It is ideal for making your camping and tailgating experience a fond memory.

Construction: Weber liquid propane grill has a great sleek yet stylish design with a glass-reinforced nylon frame. The construction of the grill is of cast-aluminum so it is quite strong. It comes with a porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grate. There are larger grip handles and control knobs that have a certain aesthetic appeal. It has side handles, sturdy front and rear cradles along with fold-out, large-sized tables. A built-in thermometer helps you monitor the temperature inside the grill.  

Function: Weber Liquid Propane grill is big enough for small roasts and birds as it has a 189 square-inch total cooking surface area. This grill is great for conserving fuel. It runs on LP cylinders that are disposable. An accessory of an optional LP adapter hose for 20lb tanks is available too. With an electronic ignition start and temperature control, you feel comfortable in cooking a large variety of food whether steaks, burgers, lamb chops or hotdogs. Plus it has side handles to help you handle the grill safely and easily. So, you can even use it for tailgating or camping. 

The burner valves provide temperature control from low to high. You just have to dial in the proper heat setting with the help of the Infinite Control burner valve. The gas regulator for the burners enables you to operate it safely. It is easy to store but make sure you turn the propane gas canisters off.

Cleaning and maintenance: Cleaning is also hassle-free as the grate is dishwasher safe. Also, you can simply preheat the grill for 15 minutes on high heat keeping the lid closed and then use the stainless steel brush to clean the grates. 

Specs Recap
  • Glass-reinforced nylon frame
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron grate
  • Electronic ignition
  • Infinite control burner
  • Built-in thermometer
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4.Blackstone Table Top Grill

Blackstone Table Top Grill - 17 Inch Portable...
  • CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE - This portable...
  • EASY TO STORE - Simply store the griddle...
  • NO HASSLE CLEANUP - Blackstone makes...
  • SPACIOUS COOKING SURFACE - This premium...
  • FAST AND EVEN HEATING - This grill has a...
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Energy efficient
  • Electronic ignition for quick startup
  • Provides uniform heat
  • Easy to use, store and clean
  • Sides open under the surface, wind causes issues in even heating

Blackstone is a chef style grill with its quality build construction. It is excellent for picnics, tailgating, camping, etc. to experience your grilling skills. Plus, you can also roast vegetables on the cool side. It is lightweight and small and can be carried or stored anywhere and it is a  perfect choice for your outdoor fun.

Construction: Blackstone Table Top Grill is constructed with stainless steel and has black powder-coating on it and has a cold-rolled steel cooking surface. It is 260 square inches in size. It has a stainless steel “H” burner and 12,000BTU heat output. Plus, it has an electric ignition for a quick startup and has a built in grease catcher for easy cleanup.

Function: Blackstone Tabletop elegant grill is easy to use as it comes with an electric igniter and uses propane bottles for fuel. You can use this versatile grill for outdoor parties, hunting trips, camping out, road trips, etc. This grill provides quite a large space to cook your versatile dishes. This grill is efficient and an energy saver as it has 1 pound propane bottles as fuel

The stainless steel “H” burner provides uniform heat distribution and the cooking is done at a fast pace. The reason for fast cooking is the 12,000BTU heat output. However, wind can cause issues in even heating as the sides under the cooking surface are open. This grill has a very tight connection when it is hooked up to propane gas tanks. 

It is advisable to place it on an outdoor folding table and put it on plastic cutting boards that can withstand heat, to be safer. Also, keep the grill away from anything inflammable and turn off the gas after using it. It can easily be carried by hand. In order to store it, you simply have to invert the griddle on the griddle body and save storage space. 

Cleaning and maintenance: Cleaning it is also pretty easy since it has a fitted grease catcher and you only have to wipe it off the residue by using a paper towel and it will be ready for reuse. It is durable and long-lasting. You won’t have to worry about the repairs every now and then.

Specs Recap
  • Stainless steel burners
  • 1 zone heating control
  • Fixed grease catcher
  • Portable design
  • Electric igniter
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5.Cuisinart CGG-180, Red

Cuisinart CGG180 CGG-180 Petit Gourmet Gas...
  • 5, 500 BTU BURNER: Features a 5, 500 BTU...
  • FREESTANDING GRILL: Design allows you to...
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Can serve 4 to 6 people at a time
  • Cooking surface distributes heat evenly
  • Drip tray catches grease and food debris
  • Premium temperature control
  • Electric ignition and temperature gauge
  • Easy to clean, use and store
  • The lid has some issues as it pops open when carrying around
  • The handle is made out of plastic which is prone to damage

Cuisinart gas grill comes with a stand which is adjustable and on this grill you can cook great grilled flavored food each and every day. This compact grill works with high-performance and has ample space to cook a variety of different foods.

Construction: Cuisinart portable gas grill has 160 square inches of porcelain-enameled cooking grate. Designed to be used as a freestanding or tabletop grill. It is equipped with a precision temperature gauge and an electric ignition and it has a handle on the lid to lift up to check your amazing creation. Moreover, it also has a spill-resistant drip tray.

Function: Cuisinart portable gas grill is a unique grill that is solid and durable. It may be of small size but cooks like a full-size grill. You can accommodate lots of food on the spacious cooking surface at a time. It also results in efficient, even distribution of heat. You can cook most family meals like 8 steaks, 8 hamburgers, 6 – 10 chicken breasts, or over 4 pound of fish. Simply twist to start the electric ignition and then the temperature gauge provides optimum temperature control. This elegant masterpiece is ideal for decks, patios and balconies, camping, tailgating and much more. 

Its unique design holds it at an ideal cooking height and accommodates 4 to 6 people at a time. Setup is so easy that it takes only a few minutes. Featured lid lock and brief-case styled handles provide easy and secure transport. This grill uses either 14.1oz or 16.4 oz Coleman portable propane tanks. It is pretty fuel-efficient as a 16.4oz bottle is expected to last for 3 hours if you use the grill on high flame the whole time. You can also connect refillable propane tanks by connecting the propane hose. You need to use it carefully when it is windy. You can grill on low heat and close the lid if there is a danger of flare-ups. 

Cleaning and maintenance: Cleaning is not very difficult. Drip tray catches excess grease and food debris and can be washed in the dishwasher. Let the grill cool down, scrub with an abrasive pad or soak it overnight for easy cleanup. The interior of the grill can be wiped with warm soapy water and a dishcloth.

Specs Recap
  • Porcelain-enameled cooking grate
  • Compact and portable
  • Freestanding or tabletop grill
  • Electric ignition
  • Precision temperature gauge
  • Integrated lid lock
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6.George Foreman, GGR50B, Silver

George Foreman 12+ Servings Upto 15...
  • 12+ Servings Upto 15 - It’s tailgate...
  • George Tough Nonstick Coating -...
  • Indoor/Outdoor Removable Stand - Don’t...
  • Adjustable Temperature Control - The...
  • Apartment-Approved - Your landlord will...
  • Cooking surface has a non-stick coating
  • Can be used indoors/outdoors
  • Energy efficient
  • Has five different heat settings
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to use and store
  • Hole for the grease drainage can get clogged
  • Cooking plate is not dishwasher safe

George Foreman is an electric grill that produces no mess like a charcoal grill and delivers excellent yet tasty food so you can serve delicious meals to your family and friends. 

Construction: George Foreman Electric is an Indoor/outdoor grill that is made of plastic with a sturdy, removable stand. The lid is in a domed shape and the cooking surface has a nonstick coating. The drip tray is made of food-grade metal — aluminum. This grill has a substantial size of 240 square inches with a circular grilling surface. 

Function: George Foreman Electric grill is ideal for indoor or outdoor cooking. The spacious cooking surface can make more than 15 servings for large families or groups. Plus, the removable stand enables you to carry it anywhere. You also get moisture control with the vent on the lid that can easily be opened and closed. You can cook drier stuff by twisting the lid handle or the vent in a clockwise direction. For cooking juicier dishes, close the vent by turning it anti-clockwise to keep the moisture in. No condensation will take place inside the lid while you cook.

This grill allows you to choose from five different heat settings with the help of an adjustable temperature control. It is energy efficient as you can adjust to a higher or lower temperature when needed with a thermostat. Your fuel would not be wasted in this way. The thermostat indicates that your desired temperature is reached by turning off and on. This results in energy saving. Since this is an electric grill, there is no headache of propane or charcoal burning. It gives you high-quality grilling without any flare-ups. You can easily store it by covering it with the lid. 

Cleaning and maintenance: The drip tray that catches grease and fat makes it easy to clean. You should wash the cooking tray by hand rather than in the dishwasher.

Specs Recap
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Countertop stand
  • Removable stand
  • Drip tray
  • Fully electric system
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7.Cuisinart CEG-980T, Silver/Black

Cuisinart CEG-980T Outdoor Electric Tabletop...
  • 1500 WATT HEATING ELEMENT: Features a...
  • COMPACT DESIGN: The grill measures 18. 5...
  • DURABLE FOLDING LEGS: The grill features...
  • NO ASSEMBLY: The grill comes ready to...
  • Assembly takes minutes
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Equally good for indoors
  • It is energy efficient
  • Environment-friendly
  • Enough space to cook for 8 people at a time
  • Easy to clean, use and store
  • Cord is short
  • Drip tray is faulty
  • Can have technical issues

Cuisinart CEG-980T is a great electric grill that delivers perfectly cooked juicy meat. This grill is perfect for those who love to have barbecue parties but have small spaces like balconies and small patios. So now you can have fun without having the worry of having a small space.

Construction: Cuisinart electric tabletop grill has a porcelain-enameled grate. It is equipped with a powerful burner. 145-square inch is a reasonable cooking area to cook for 8 people at once. It also has fold-out legs. The lid has a built-in stainless steel heat reflector. The sturdy carrying handle is designed like that of a briefcase. It is lightweight as it weighs only 13 pounds. A spill-resistant drip tray is also included for a mess-free grilling experience.

Function: Cuisinart electric tabletop grill is a strong-looking grill that does not require any assembly and you can cook either 8 burgers, 8 steaks, 6 to 10 chicken breasts, or 4 pounds of fish at once. You just need to plug it in a standard electric outlet to start using it. If you don’t have an outlet near its placement, get a long cord for it. You can save money with electric grilling in the long run. Also, it is environmentally friendly as it does not release smoke the way gas or charcoal grills do. 

The surface area of the grate provides even heating while you make delicious grilled food. Electric grilling also provides even searing to the meat. The Cuisinart Grill provides a safe grilling experience where charcoal or gas grills are not allowed. It is suitable for outdoors as CO emissions may occur indoors which is very harmful for health. Since it is lightweight and equipped with a briefcase-like handle, it can be carried anywhere and stored safely as well.

Cleaning and maintenance: To clean the exterior of the grill, you should use a clean cloth and a dishwashing agent. To get rid of stubborn stains, you can use warm, soapy water and a nylon scrubbing brush. Wash it and let it dry before you use it again. You need to be careful while cleaning the heating element. Unscrew the nuts on the flanks and lift the element out carefully. Use a damp cloth to gently clean the heating element and reinstall it along with the temperature control knob after you are done. 

Specs Recap
  • Porcelain-enameled grate
  • Briefcase-like sturdy handles
  • Lid with safety handles
  • Plugs into any standard outlet
  • Spacious cooking surface
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8.Techwood Tabletop Grill

Techwood Electric BBQ Grill 15-Serving...
  • [❤ FAST-HEATING] - Portable electric...
  • [❤ HIGH CAPACITY] - Techwood tabletop...
  • [❤ APARTMENT-APPROVED] - Your landlord...
  • [❤ GET YOURS NOW, RISK-FREE] -Techwood...
  • Rust-resistant cast-iron grate
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Food warmer or storage rack
  • Conveniently serves a large gathering
  • Air vents to cook juicy steaks
  • Drip tray to catch grease
  • Easy to transport and clean
  • Can have some electrical issues
  • Not very energy efficient

Techwood is a high-quality build portable bbq grill that is perfect for entertaining many people. As it is suitable for parties, picnics, camping and other indoor or outdoor barbecue activities. 

Construction: Techwood electric BBQ grill has a cast-iron construction. The grate is made of rust-resistant porcelain enameled cast-iron and the lid is equipped with a venting system. It also has an interlocking hood and bowl, adjustable temperature control, cool handle, food rack and drip tray. This beautiful-featured grill has a circular cooking surface of 240 square inches that lets you serve 15 or more people at one time.

Function: The compact design of Techwood electric portable grill with interlocking hood and bowl enables you to enjoy delicious barbecued food with excellent smoke-free grilling indoors/outdoors. It is appropriate even for apartments and patios or other places where gas or propane grills are prohibited. Food rack helps you keep the food warm or store the food. 

You can control the amount of heat that needs to be provided to the food through the adjustable temperature control. For juicy and tender steaks, you can use the venting system to release the heat and keep the meat moist. You can also grill, air crisp, roast, bake and dehydrate with this grill. 

This portable electric grill has a convenient design for rapid cycle heating that provides even heating to the meat that you barbecue. Since it runs on electricity, there is no danger of flare-ups or smoke emissions. It is convenient for apartments or even patios. Hence, it is perfectly safe except for some unexpected electrical issues or problems. It is not considered to be very energy efficient but it is environmentally friendly with smoke-free grilling.

Cleaning and maintenance: The grate is made of rust-resistant porcelain-enameled cast-iron so it is easy to clean. A drip tray is also there to catch grease and fat. You can easily take it out and clean it.

Specs Recap
  • Interlocking hood and bowl
  • Lid with a venting system
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Extra food rack
  • Wide cooking surface
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9.Charcoal Grill by SurHome

Barbecue Charcoal Grill Stainless Steel...
  • The Barbecue Grill features foldable,...
  • Heavy-duty durable plated steel charcoal...
  • It's perfect to cook delious food on...
  • Made of thickness stainless steel...
  • Perfect gift for BBQs, picnics,...
  • Rust and abrasion resistance
  • Even heat over the grill to cook food
  • Good for family use, serves 3 to 5 people
  • Easy to carry, clean and store
  • Charcoal pan is difficult to fit in
  • Edges of the grill may be sharp

Barbecue Charcoal Grill by SurHome is a portable and lightweight grill with foldable leg design and has convenient handles for easy transport and storage.

Construction: Barbecue Charcoal Grill has a heavy-duty, durable, plated steel charcoal grate. It is designed to resist direct or indirect heat of a charcoal fire. It is provided with air vents on both ends. The good-sized surface area is convenient for family use. You can serve 3 to 5 people very easily.

Function: You will have a wonderful family time when you cook delicious charcoal smoked burgers, fish, steaks, hot dogs etc. on this charcoal grill. A true gift for barbeques. camping, tailgating, picnics, outdoor or indoor parties on the patio or in the backyard. Barbeque with charcoal is energy-efficient but not environment friendly due to smoke emissions. 

For cooking burgers and hotdogs, you may just need some 15 to 20 pieces of coal but if you want to sear a steak with blazing hot fire, you would need double the amount of coal… maybe 30 to 40 pieces or even more. Slow heating requires less amount of coal but if you cook for a longer period of time you would need to add more coal to maintain the high temperature. Air vents on both sides allow you to control the temperature and an even heat is provided to the food on the grill.

This stainless steel barbecue grill is foldable, lightweight and is equipped with convenient handles so you can install and remove it easily. Also, you can easily transport and store it. You need to take precautions while using it as there may be flare-ups due to charcoal burning. Also, the edges of the metal grate may be sharp so take care that you do not get hurt while you barbeque.

Cleaning and maintenance: It is easy to clean. This tabletop grill is durable and long lasting with excellent rust and abrasion resistance.

Specs Recap
  • Plated charcoal grate
  • Air vents for temperature control
  • Foldable and lightweight
  • Convenient handles for portability
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10.ROVSUN BBQ Charcoal Grill

ROVSUN BBQ Charcoal Grill, Outdoor 18-Inch...
  • Adjustable air vents allows for maximum...
  • Portable BBQ grill makes it convenient...
  • Grill cover with heat insulation handle...
  • One-touch cleaning system makes the ash...
  • The charcoal grill is easy to assemble...
  • Works as well as an outdoor oven
  • Convenient for a small family
  • Protection against scalding
  • Optimum heat control
  • Ash collection tray
  • Easy to clean
  • Cannot move grill while in use

ROVSUN is a charcoal grill that gives a great smoky texture to the juicy meat. You can cook meat, steak, roast chicken, ribs and so on to serve your family with an excellent cooked meal. 

Construction: Rovsun BBQ charcoal grill has a steel construction that makes it durable. The surface of the furnace is treated with high-temperature resistant enamel. It has sufficient space to cook for a small family of 2 to 4 members. 

Function: This barbeque grill is as good as an outdoor oven. You can bake a variety of meat, steak, roast chicken, ribs etc. There is an independent charcoal shelf so that the fire does not directly come in contact with the furnace. Therefore, the furnace body is protected and the service life of the grill is prolonged. You get optimum heat control without removing the lid due to the adjustable air vents. You can move the lid with the help of lid hooks even while the grill is in use. Perfect for spending quality time with family and friends be it camping, picnics or parties and serving them deliciously cooked meat.

There is a good space between the food and the grills so you can adjust the heat as per your requirement easily. You can vary the heat from low to high. This charcoal grill is energy-efficient as it would require less amount of coal for cooking. However, it is not environmentally friendly. It is safe to use but not around children so you need to be very careful when children are around. Also. make sure you do not move the grill while it is being heated. Protection against scalding is there as the grill cover has heat insulated handles.

Cleaning and maintenance: It is easy to add charcoal and clean it with the one-touch cleaning system. The ash collection tray collects the ashes and makes it easy to clean.

Specs Recap
  • Adjustable air vents
  • Heat-insulated handles
  • Lid hook for safe shifting of grill
  • One-touch cleaning system
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Things To Look For Before Buying The Best Grills Under 300?

Selecting a grill with plenty of mesmerizing features is a tedious task. But if you wanna have a grill that has amazing features and works wonderfully well and comes within your budget then you might wanna consider the features which are essential for you. If you are going to cook indoors or outdoors then you should know which grill will be suitable for the task. Plus under the umbrella term that is “Best Grills” comes different types of grills that run on different types of fuel. 

If it is your first time and you don’t know anything about grills and want to experience grilling on your own, here’s what you need to know. Most importantly, you must know how much cooking surface the grill provides so that you can enjoy spacious cooking with your family and friends. 

So, following are the features you should know in order to find a grill that provides exquisite flavors:

  • Does it have a good quality cooking grate?
  • Does it have a spacious cooking surface?
  • Is it portable?
  • Is it easy to assemble and disassemble?
  • Is it energy efficient?
  • Does it have heat resistant handles?
  • Has handles on the side or on the lid?
  • Is it easy to clean and store?



Here you go, folks, now you can buy the best grill under 300. Now, you can enjoy with your family and friends by barbecuing steaks, hamburgers and so much more. So, choose wisely and have fun!

I enjoy grilling. So much so that my entire life seems to revolve around it. I grill when I'm by myself, I grill when I have a party, I just grill all the time. I grill so much, I have even started writing about it. If you want to talk about grilling or anything, really, you can reach out to me here.
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